Sangheili Journals

The cover of the Journal(jeez my nephew sucks at this cover no wonder this his UNSC jokes book was removed from Gruntipedia

The Life of a Sangheilil is basically an Elite counterpart of Gruntipedia Fun. Except this is based on a life of The Arbiter (Actually a funny version of him).So this page will link to all the journal writings. This is non-canon so that means this funny version of arby does NOT exist this is just for fun

Rules in making a Journal EnrtyEdit

  1. Ask permission from Spikerdude234 (AKA The Creator of Sangheili Nation)
  2. Type it in Microsoft office word to let me approve of it
  3. Has to be funny
  4. No sexual words like (Penis or vagina) but if needed please put symbols to block the word

Journal EntriesEdit

  1. JE # 1
  2. JE#2
  3. JE#3
  4. JE #4
  5. JE #5
  6. JE #6
  7. JE #7

If I approve of you to make more please add more on this list